Choosing Your Foam

Need help choosing your foam? Here is your guide to the Pettibon System’s Fulcrums and Foam. 

Fulcrums are a great option for individuals who experience poor posture, neck pain, back pain and other issues such as headaches or migraines. Gently stretch and relax your spine with the supports to relieve pain and restore natural spinal curvature.  All the Pettibon System Foam is medical grade, so you won’t have to worry about your fulcrums losing their shape or going flat over time. 

Keep your Fulcrums clean and extend the life with washable Lycra Covers.

The Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit will be your go to for spinal molding and fulcrum exercises. This kit includes the Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum, Low Back Fulcrum, Advanced Low Back Fulcrum, 1-inch Lifter, 2-inch Lifter and carrying bag. It has everything you need to start as a beginner and advance through spinal molding and all of the fulcrum exercises. Use the carrying bag to keep all of your foam together and ready to go to your next chiro appointment or with you on your travels!


The Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum (Combination Block) targets the spinal curvature in your neck, also known as the cervical curve. Targeting this area may help you find relief from pesky headaches and neck tension. This multi-use fulcrum works well for spinal molding as well as fulcrum exercises which helps to restore spinal curves by molding the spine into its optimal position. The Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum can be used with the notch placed under the neck and the flat end against your shoulders, or if you need to increase the intensity during exercises, the foam can be turned with the non-notched side behind your head and the opposite flat end against your shoulders. 




The Mini Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum (Combination Block) has all the favorite features and benefits of the regular size Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum but mini size! This profile is designed for smaller statured individuals and those with little curve to their spine who cannot tolerate the regular size support. 



Are you new to spinal molding and fulcrum exercises? We recommend starting with the Low Back (Lumbar) Support Fulcrum. It gives the lightest stretch targeting the natural curvature in your lower back called the lumbar spine. The center of the mounded part sits under the last rib in your ribcage. The Low Back Support is versatile as it can be used during the beginning  phases of spinal molding and fulcrum exercises, and also to support your back while sitting for long periods of time. Place the support behind your back under your last rib while you are in a vehicle, at your desk, or on the couch to support your spine in its natural curvature, you can also flip the foam upside down while sitting if you find the rounded mound is sitting too high on your back.  

Pettibon System Mini Low Back Foam Fulcrum

The Mini Low Back Fulcrum provides the same trusted features and benefits of the Low Back Support but mini size with a slightly different look. This profile is designed for smaller statured individuals, and those with little curve to their spine and cannot tolerate the regular size support. 

Uncovered Advanced Low Back Support (Lumbo-Dorsal) Fulcrum

Are you finding that the Low Back Support Fulcrum is not enough of a stretch? Increase the intensity of your spinal molding and fulcrum exercises by progressing to the Advanced Low Back Support (Lumbo-Dorsal Fulcrum). This fulcrum is designed to provide a more intense stretch to hold your lumbar spine in its natural curvature during spinal molding and increase the difficulty of the fulcrum exercises.








Lifters are available in  1” and 2” Need to increase a stretch? Use a lifter under your foam to add the perfect amount of height and intensity to your spinal molding and fulcrum exercises. These lifters are the perfect addition as you progress through your fulcrum exercise and spinal molding journey. If you find the the Advanced Low Back Support too intense of a stretch but the Low Back Support not enough, adding a lifter underneath the Low Back Support may be the perfect combination for your spine. These lifters and the variety of different foams allow you to find best fit for your spine and flexibility. Work your way up and see what is most comfortable for you. 


The Firm Posture Roll Set is designed to help support the user’s cervical and lumbar spine during sleep and relaxation. The set comes with two rolls. The large roll is designed for behind your neck and the small roll for your low back.  The Posture Rolls hold your spine in position with a long-sustained force. By holding your spine in proper posture, the roll provides a curve that allows your neck and lower back to relax, remove pressure and stretch while being supported.  Read more about the Posture Rolls here.

Pettibon System Low Pelvic (2) Blocks made with medical-grade foam

The Pelvic Block Set includes one set of extra dense foam wedges. The blocks address alignment issues with the hip and pelvis. Blocking provides relief for a multitude of symptoms and conditions by flexing the sacrum to help eliminate pain. The Pelvic Blocks are used for the following conditions: blocking to correct a Retrolisthesis, blocking the Sacral Apex, blocking for Spondylolisthesis and blocking for Sciatica Pain.  

The Contoured Low Back Support adds additional lumbar support to any chair. If you find yourself sitting for long periods throughout the day, whether in a car or at a desk, this foam will help to add comfort to any seat. Find relief from a stiff back, this support helps by restoring spinal curves and relaxing the spine while providing a gentle stretch.  Help prevent daily back pain by supporting your spine while you sit.



Pettibon System Inflatable Fulcrum 3-Piece Set: Low Back Support, Lumbo-Dorsal Fulcrum, and Neck Block

The Inflatable Fulcrum Set allows you to take your spinal molding and fulcrum exercises on the go! This set includes an inflatable version of the Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum, Lumbo-Dorsal Fulcrum and Low Back Support Fulcrum. Inflatable Fulcrums are easy to pack, inflate, and use. Relieve back pain and continue your therapy anywhere you go with Inflatable Fulcrums. Add support to uncomfortable theater or airplane seats with minimal bulk in your luggage. The firmness of these Fulcrums can be adjusted by the levels of inflation.