Back Pain Relief Testimonial: The Welder


Where it started!

(Name changed due to HIPPA)

Kurt, 46, is a welder with severe back pain. His doctors are giving him everything from Vicodin to Flexeril for back pain relief. One Friday afternoon, Kurt injures his back even more. So much so, that on the Visual Analog Pain Scale (VAS) his lower back pain scores a 9, his left hip pain scores a 7-9, and his left leg pain scores a 5. Kurt’s concerned girlfriend, decides to spend all Friday afternoon and Saturday morning looking for a provider to see him. She calls Dr. Pettibon’s office and he agrees to see Kurt despite his clinic being closed on weekends. At Dr. Pettibon’s first glance, he knew that Kurt was in immense pain. Right away Dr. Pettibon starts exercises that Kurt could bare without causing too much pain. This began Kurt’s pathway to become pain free.

What Worked?

Kurt visits Dr. Pettibon, accompanied by his girlfriend, 3 times a week for 3 months. Dr. Pettibon did not “crack” his back. Back “cracking” was something Kurt had experienced at several clinics prior with no relief. Instead, Kurt starts to use the PT-5 decompression table with exercises to do at every visit. On top of using the decompression table, Kurt warmed-up his spine for the decompression. This warm-up included using the Therapeutic Wobble Chair with the Pettibon Vibration Platform, then used the Cervical Traction units. He also began home care exercises that includes using the Cervical Traction unit, portable wobble chair exercises, head weighting, and fulcrum spinal molding, twice daily for three months. Kurt’s hard work and dedication to his spinal health along with having the right Pettibon Doctor allowed him to become pain free with no medication. Right before their eyes Kurt achieved incredible back pain relief results. Kurt continues to do his daily at home care to maintain his spinal health.

A year after working with Kurt, Dr. Pettibon received a thank you letter from Kurt’s girlfriend. Here is an excerpt:

“I watched as a man I have known for over twenty years achieve amazing results. In the past, if my boyfriend’s back ‘went out,’ he would take pills and lay around until it became manageable. With the Pettibon System, he is out doing a lot more activities without suffering any back issues which have plagued him in the past.”

The Results!

Before and After Results during his 3 months of working with The Pettibon System.


Before photo's of Kurt's spine before he found back pain relief.

After photos of Kurt's spine when we found back pain relief.