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Recent Articles

Stretching Postural Muscles & Restoring Spinal Curves
2016-06-29 12:33
Postural muscles are NOT those muscles you work while pumping iron in a gym. They respond to stationary forces such as those engaged while using the Linked Read More...
Concussion Treatment - Blood Flow always works
2016-05-18 12:40
Treatment models for improving spine and posture function vary depending on the form, function and the targeted treatment site; however, one thing ALWAYS works Read More...
Dengue Fever, Dr. Pettibon and the Journey to Recovery
2015-10-12 11:51
The Pettibon System is always evolving and always learning from research and input from those both in the field and in research. Through the years this has led Read More...
Understanding The Pettibon Weighting System™
2015-07-24 09:59
The Pettibon Weighting System reflexly causes the muscles of the neck and back to correct the spine and posture in 3 dimensions as the weights reflexly Read More...

From the Press Room

Pettibon Certified Doctor Received Acheivement Medal for Civilian Service
Dr. Todd O’Mealy, D.C., a Certified Pettibon Doctor, received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service “for his absolutely outstanding customer service and Read more...

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