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May 2017

by: Anonymous


Spinal disks and other white tissues have a blood supply up until about the age of 12 when the blood supply begins to atrophy. Once that happens there is no longer a way to deliver nutrients and eliminate wastes without motion...

by: Anonymous

During a physical accident two types of tissues are injured. These tissues are referred to as red tissues and white tissues.

Red tissue, or muscles, have a steady blood supply to nourish and remove waste build up in the tissues. A muscle’s function is to produce motion and guard the...

by: Miriam Battson

Let’s compare a vehicle frame to a misaligned human skeleton, the spine and its malfunction.

Normally in vehicles the thrust angle is the line of the drive-line from the engine to the wheels. It also confirms if the rear axle is parallel to its front axle and that the wheelbase on...

by: Miriam Battson

Published research agrees that an accident, or a series of accidents forcing the head forward, and the cervical spine into kyphosis (backward curve) with rotation, results in stenosis (a narrowing of the space the spinal cord and nerves runs through) thus injuring the spine and musculoskeletal...