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November 2016

by: Miriam Battson

There is no quick fix for Scoliosis - Short term changes may be detrimental to long term outcomes.

Many reports and papers have been published on the short term outcomes of certain scoliosis treatments. Unfortunately for many of those patients, that short term treatment focus has been...

by: Miriam Battson

A patient’s posture and spinal position cannot be consciously improved or changed by being told to “stand up straight”, “stop slumping” or through regular exercise. Reflex information goes to the autonomic nervous system, automatically causing postural muscles to organize and re-organize the...

by: Miriam Battson

Mobility in the center of your spine makes a huge difference.

Locked or partially locked joints in the thoracic spine and rib cage do not allow permanent spinal correction of cervical or lumbar displacements, although some temporary changes in spinal position and symptoms may be...

by: Anonymous


What is the difference between the Wobble Chair™ and an inflatable device?


The pivot point of the chair aligns with the center of the spine thus allowing full range of motion (producing loading & unloading cycles). Inflatable devices (discs,...