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Recent Articles

How to Integrate Rehab into Your Existing Clinic
2015-03-23 15:14
Experience is that moment in life when one realizes they have learned something new about themselves and their action/reaction to some event. Everything shared Read More...
Proof that treating the whole spine works best for Low Back Pain
2015-02-25 11:16
That moment when you stand up, or bend slightly to put something away and your low back screams at you in pain. Whether it’s chronic or once in a while, you Read More...
Text Neck and Antalgic Postures are Accumulative Injuries
2014-11-19 18:31
With the increased use of computers, tablets, cell phones and other hand held devices combined with our sedentary lifestyles and poor posture habits at work Read More...
Selling What You Know
2014-11-03 15:47
Businesses that survive and thrive are those that fill the needs of their community. Those that go out of business are those without a loyal clientele, Read More...

From the Press Room

Pettibon Certified Doctor Received Acheivement Medal for Civilian Service
Dr. Todd O’Mealy, D.C., a Certified Pettibon Doctor, received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service “for his absolutely outstanding customer service and Read more...

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